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Poney Carpenter
Senior Consultant, Partner
Slack: poney@philanthropy.io
Skype: redponey
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Poney's Bio
Poney Carpenter is a technology consultant with over 25 years experience working in enterprise, nonprofit, higher ed, and small business environments. He has experience with enterprise software, systems integration, software development, business intelligence, business analysis, project management, and quality assurance.

Poney is an active member the Council on Foundations (COF), Peak Grantmaking (previously Grants Managers Network), the Technology Affinity Group (TAG), and the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (NNCG). He has presented sessions at the Technology Affinity Group, PEAK Grantmaking, Council on Foundations, and MicroEdge/Blackbaud conferences. His clients include several Top-10 foundations, and he has been an advisor to the Foundation Center. He also leads the Technology Affinity Group’s Simplify Initiative to promote adoption of tools which support better data sharing across the sector.

Poney’s main focus is on the strategic use of technology to support grantmaking. This includes understanding the landscape of tools involved with grants management, impact/MEL, and program work.

Jeannine Corey
Senior Consultant, Partner
Jeannine's Bio
Jeannine Corey has been serving the nonprofit sector as a leader and thought partner for over 15 years. Jeannine is currently providing consulting services to foundations and nonprofits with a focus on project management for special initiatives and technology projects and assisting organizations with organization and business architecture needs.

Prior to consulting Jeannine served as the Director of Grants Information Management for the Foundation Center for 5 years. During her tenure, she was responsible for providing the leadership, vision, and strategic direction for the Center’s grants collection and outreach efforts. Jeannine served as the Center’s team leader for Electronic Reporting initiatives and oversaw the creation and implementation of the new Philanthropy Classification System as well as the Center’s new Enterprise Database Management System. In addition to managing the Grants Processing team, she was also involved in product development and played a key role in promoting the Center’s data and tools as resources for grants application and management software platforms.

Jeannine served as the Director of Operations for almost 10 years at FJC—A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, a public charity whose mission is to manage donor-advised funds, provide fiscal sponsorship services, and other financial management assistance to nonprofits. In that role, Jeannine was responsible for serving existing donors and securing new accounts for the organization, supervised grants and administrative staff, oversaw the day-to- day operations of the financial staff, and managed the FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program. Before working at FJC, Jeannine was a communications manager at the Insurance Center of North Jersey.

Mary Kadzielski
Mary's Bio
Mary Kadzielski has a decade of experience serving the nonprofit sector. Her consulting work has focused on assisting nonprofits with strategy, operations, research, coalition building, and communications. Prior to switching to a consulting role, she served as COO of a small non-profit for three years. Mary has assisted several nonprofits with adopting and migrating to new technologies including donor, email, event and contact management systems.

Mary’s research experience includes work with XPRIZE, the History Channel series Modern Marvels, and a Discovery Channel series on energy and climate issues and solutions.

Mary has her Master’s in Wild Writing from the University of Essex. Her dissertation focused on climate change as a human and human rights issue, specifically as it relates to the people of the Republic of Maldives. She has a BA from the University of California, Irvine.